Sellers Tips

Is your home for sale in Eastern Newfoundland including:  St. John’s, Mount Pearl, Paradise, Torbay, Portugal Cove St. Phillips, Conception Bay South, Clarenville, and surrounding areas?

If you’re a seller, I can help you get the highest market price and put your Newfoundland home or property on the market for an immediate sale. If you’d like to find out the value of your home or property, contact me today or for a free market evaluation. Submit a Free Market Analysis request. I will research the value of your home or property and provide you with a free complimentary, comprehensive current market evaluation for your home.  With so many homes for sale why not find out how much you could put your home up for sale on today’s market?

This site Newfoundland Realty is designed to help you make the important decisions whether you are buying or selling homes. Bookmark it for future reference and feel free to call me at 709-685-2463 or e-mail me at for all of your real estate needs.

Choosing your real estate professional is, perhaps, the most important decision you will make when selling property or home. I believe the more you look around, the more you will see the value of working with me.

These simple tips will help you sell your home more quickly and efficiently.

Make first impressions count. Without a doubt, a visually appealing homes will attract buyers, who can’t help but respond to the look and “feel” of a home. Take time to carefully prepare for showings. Don’t forget the following:

• Cut the grass • Remove any clutter from the yard • Trim hedges • Weed gardens • Wash steps, windows, railings, doors, etc • Paint if needed • Re-stain decking if necessary • Remove unnecessary clutter from garages

Scrub, dust and fix up everything you can. Buyers will notice details. Get rid of the clutter, repair leaky faucets, wage war on dust and clean until your home shines. Small things can make a potential buyer walk away. When you prepare your homes for showing, remember to:

• Shampoo carpets • Clean tubs, toilets and showers and hang fresh towels • Oil squeaky doors • Fix things like broken hinges and light switches

Listen to suggestions. As you prepare your home for sale, don’t rely solely on your own judgment. It’s hard to be objective when you’re the owner. Your EXIT Realty Associate will have helpful, professional tips on how to make your home more marketable.

Take a whiff. Nothing will turn a buyer away faster than an odd smell. Try to eliminate smoking, food and pet odors. And don’t leave any clues. If potential buyers see a dog or an ashtray, they’ll be on the lookout for smells and stains.

Turn on the lights. Open shades and draperies before a viewing. Open all doors inside home. Turn on inside and outside lights. And while on the subject of lighting, new light fixtures that brighten the interior can be one of the most inexpensive and noticeable improvements you can make to your home.

Small touches make a difference. It’s important that the buyer can imagine themselves in your home. A few small changes can go a long way towards creating that atmosphere:

• Make sure laundry, toys etc. are put away • Wipe fingerprints and smudges off of windows • Use fruit as props in your kitchen • Arrange fresh flowers on your dining room table • Light the fireplace if you have one (If the weather is cool) • Brew some coffee for the potential buyers • Put freshly baked cookies next to the coffee (the nice smell is an added bonus)

Let potential buyers “see” themselves in your home. Too many personal items can make viewers feel like they’re intruding in someone else’s home. Keep things clean and simple. Decorate in neutral colors. Take down unnecessary photos.

Get out of the house. When buyers view your home, they’ll be more comfortable and spend more time if you’re not there. If you must be present, be as unobtrusive as possible. Let your EXIT Realty Associate do the work.

Stay unemotional during negotiations. Selling your home can be emotionally charged, but don’t let that stand in the way of making a deal. Try to maintain a business-like attitude during the process.

Choose an EXIT Realty Associate you will like and trust, contact me today. Be seen List with Dean.